Walking Through Peruvian Clouds: The Inkas Made Stones Walk

Augas Caliente has a very impressive museum. Seldom visited it is quiet and well lit, very modern. There’s a large variety of Inca artifacts and interesting information and multi-media shows. To get there, walk along the main road towards Machu Picchu a few kilometres.

Peruvian legend as posted in the museum at Aguas Caliente: ‘The Inkas made the Stones Walk by Whipping Them’, as told by an elder.

The Inkas made these towns as they waked along the mountains. They walked over the mountains. Machupicchu and Waynapicchu are our Apus. When we make a ‘payment’ to the earth, we say: ‘Apu Machupicchu.’ We speak like that to all the Ruvales (gods).

About Machupichu, my father used to tell me: ‘Behind those hills there is an Inka town,’ and he told us: ‘That’s where the Inka Trail goes to.’ After some time those gringos (foreigners) found their way. They found their way here, and they have been coming ever since. A lot of them started coming. Groups and more groups arrived.

So those people of old, walking over the mountains, built the towns. Admirable, they built them. Some even have bathrooms in every place. When you look at Patallaqta from the top of a hill, it’s beautiful, as if they’d built it with a ruler.

That was built by the Inkas because they had power; those Inkas really had power, that’s why they built cities at the top of mountains like that.

They gave orders to the rocks and whiped them, whipping the rocks, they got them up to the wall, face to face.

They whipped the rocks along. I wonder where they brought the rocks from…and I suppose others would’ve brought them using chakis (messengers) wouldn’t they?

They had power, that’s why the Inkas made towns. They made terraces to grow corn.

The water, too, they brought it along fine in Inka canals. You can see that in Machupicchu, and in Patallaqta too.

The Inkas came to an end when their time was over. Afterwards our time started, so the Inkas won’t be able to come back again.

These terraces were made by the people of old. They were made by the Inkas in their times, all of this was.

These walls, they were built by the Inkas. Those are Inka walls too; there are lots of them around there. Here at the back there are Inka walls too. Those great rocks, how could the Inkas lift them up? They say that the Inkas whipped the rocks to make them go up.

They say that the rocks were able to walk for the Inkas, so by whipping them they took them to the top.

The Inkas had power. We couldn’t lift those tremendous rocks up. Afterwards those Inkas were lost. Their animals turned wild too.

The fox came from the dog. The olden folks when they died, it’s as if we were to die and our animals go to the forest and turn wild like that. That’s why they appear like that, isn’t it?

The fox, the deer…the deer is called ‘forest cow.’ There are pigs, too, forest pigs, with a thick neck and all bristly.

That’s the way we will come to an end, too, with the judgment, and all the animals will go away.

As for me, all these andenes, everything, Patallaqta, Machupicchu, I’ve always see them like that. Nobody, not my elders nor anybody else have told us who made them. They hardly ever spoke about that.

These ditches that carry water, and the andenes, and Patallaqta, and Machupicchu, all that was made by the Inkas. That’s why these andenes have an extended base. Only the Inkas could do that…who else could do it?

Nowadays, the people of our times wouldn’t have a clue how to do it, not even the grandfathers or the old folks could do it; only the Inkas were able to do that.

These Inkas…where could they have gone? When their time came to an end, they came to an end.

That’s how it must have been, then, so that they would come to and end of time of judgement. They say that the Spains chased after them. They had come from Spain, and that’s how they wiped out the Inkas. Since they were wiped out, no more work has been done on Machupicchu. Machupicchu was the Inkas’ doing.

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