Walking Through Peruvian Clouds: Machu Picchu Sun Gate

We had a very busy Machu Picchu day and made our way to Inti Punku (Sun Gate) after finding our way down Huayna Picchu. This trail is far more accessable and user friendly than the mountain peaks. With limited stairs, it’s much friendlier on the knees. I was surprised but it wasn’t very busy either. It’s about seven kilometres one way and a gradual up-hill the whole way.

On y vas! Another view pathway to the sun

Much of the trail is open, offering spectacular views of the surrounding valleys.

wide open spaces

The gate itself is quite small, having once been a outpost/guard station. It’s the first ‘port-of-entry’ for trekers who do the ‘Inca Trail’.

Sun Gate

the road we rode by bus to the site
the road we rode by bus to the site

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