The Girl

A Rocky Mountain lady-love, I'm torn between their empowering presence and the bliss filled serenity of life by-the-sea. I like dogs more than people but wear my heart on my sleeve for both.

Led by blind arrogance I often try things I have no business doing. This leads to a lot of 'Holy shit I actually pulled that off" moments. Cars mean freedom which means happiness.

Life is a curious a piece of art. A masterpiece. And we no more than strange, mysterious miracles. I really dig that.

Travel over routine, please. Love coffee. Starlight more than the moon. Waking up slow and working hard.

My sweet Baja Mutt and I snowbird when we can and dream of it when we can't. Basically, this is just another travel blog about a girl and her dog wandering the earth as sweetly as possible.

The Pup


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