If Vaginas Could Talk…

Vagina. Vagina! VAGINA!! This word sends most of us into a Vertical spiral. When we hear it, we find ourselVes sputtering about as we try to gather our tongues and lost composures. We find ourselVes looking around the room for the appropriate response because honestly, none of us are quite sure what that should be exactly. In its place, we liberally toss about metaphors and bad pun when referring to this Very important…and generally well liked body part: couter, coochie, muff, hooha, beaf curtains, beaVer, honey pot, flower, bearded oyster, crotch, nooky, pink taco, slit, twat, pootang, box, clit, Vag, Va-jay-jay, priVate, down there, cunt, and pussy are but a few of the well-known, common names for the female genitalia! However, say the word VAGINA are you will get the whole room squirming with uncertainty. Even progressiVe and Verily woman-power types like myself can’t help but blush and stutter when the word comes from a father, male-authority-figure type. I find myself sitting helplessly as a Vexed Vixen who is ashamed on a Variety of levels and deeply confused.

As Andru McCkracken, Master of Ceremonies of Valemount’s first ever VDay EVent brings this Verbicide to our attention, he states that this is a major issue within our society. Being afraid of these six, uncomplicated letters isn’t doing anyone any faVours. It isn’t respectful or paying reVerence to the women in our liVes, it is stigmatizing and forces segregation where only communion should exist. It takes something beautiful and natural like biology and turns it into something Vague and Vitriolic. It stripes away a woman’s humanity and makes us Vastate to the Violence committed against her. What should be Vindicated is thrown in a Vault and has taken centre stage in a long line of topics we tip-toe around in the name of so called political correctness. In the Vast array of issues the female must face, our inability to use the word VAGINA is now best friends with the Violence used against her.

GiVing Voice to women, and VAGINAS, is what VDay is about. VDay was founded by the stunning and Voluptuous EVe Ensler, on Valentines Day, in 1998, as a statement against the silence. She called to writers to submit Memories, Monologues, Rants, and Prayers, and the collection presented in Valemount is but a fraction of what she receiVed. The writings touch on issues that are difficult. Issues that are Vicious. Ones that are Very much part of our liVes. Ones that are real and tucked away in the many creVices of our society. She rips off the Veil caste by the shadows and throws them in your face where they cannot be ignored. The pieces make us feel rage, Vehemence, fear, confusion, and Vulnerability.  They allow women, men, children, and society to Vivaciously Vindicate  the issues and leaVes them exposed and raw. They use Verbalism Veraciously to remind us that Violence is Vincible and together we can seek Victory against the Venom it creates.  They are Vividly Vocalized Verbatim and far from Vanilla. They promote Vitality.

What makes this eVent both poetic and unique is that it does not promote Vengefulness or Vitriolic sentiment against the men in our liVes. It is not a man bashing, penis hating, bra-burning, lesbian-nudist, storm the streets sort of function. It is not about Villains or Victims, but about Virtue, Validity, Value, and Vagility. Valiant Valley men took part and Volunteered as VAGINA Warriors. They risked Vapulation from their peers because they belieVed in the truth behind the Vigil. They Vigorously serVed Vegetables, and Venison, mock-tails, and raffles in the name of VAGINAS and against the Violence perpetuated against the bearers of this anatomy. They exposed themselVes in the barely Vacant Venue as they read, presented, Venerated, and shared in the fight against this struggle.

This was not solely about Violence done by man to woman but Violence committed by woman to woman, woman to self, country to woman, family to woman. Stop the Violence! Stop the cycle! Stop the stigma! Stop the shame and all the fear this shame perpetuates! End the female infanticide, the genocide, the rape, the murder, and the hate! Stand up for the loVe of man, loVe of woman, loVe of self, loVe of country, and as always, loVe of family. The Verberation  of Violence could be felt as Vanity was cast out and Vulnerability Validated. We dragged the barely Volitient audience through a Vast Vault of Virtue and Velitation before sending them back up and allowing them to Vacate. The night ended on a note of Victory and hope and the heaVy air made way for the Vincular Vis that binds us to a brighter tomorrow.

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